Silver Mona - Steep Coffee (10g x 1pack)

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The Silver Mona Steep Coffee is packaged lightly for your optimal convenience. Simply place a coffee packet into the cup and add the appropriate amount of water to produce a fragrant and smooth coffee. Whether hot or cold brewed, enjoy a light and fulfilling coffee whenever, wherever.

The packaging bag is equipped with a zipper design to ensure that the coffee maintains its aroma and is convenient for storage. Each coffee bag is filled with a special filter paper, which can easily act as a filter when without proper coffee brewing tool. 

Steep Coffee is fit for carrying and drinking in all circumstances, whether it is outdoor activities, sports, work or at home.


Brewing Methods:
Hot Brew
Take out one packet of coffee and place within cup. Add 150ml of 92°C boiling water, and pull the coffee bag up and down 4-5 times during brewing. After steep coffee bag for 5 minutes, remove the coffee bag and enjoy your coffee.
Cold Brew
Take out two packets of coffee and place within around cup. Add 300ml of warm room temperature water and place in fridge to chill for 8-10 hours. Finally, remove the coffee bag and enjoy your coffee. (Drink within 7 days)


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