Silver Mona Rwanda Portable Coffee Brewer

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25g per pack

Bean Origin: Rwanda

Manufactured Country: China

Taste Profile: Brown Sugar, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla


Silver Mona Portable Coffee Brewer is lightweight and handy, which is suitable for drinking on different occasions, not only for camping, friend gatherings but also traveling abroad, enjoying high-quality coffee in only 4 minutes.


After filling with water and brewing, each sachet is available for 2 to 3 people and whenever shared with friends and family. The coffee brewer contains ground coffee, just pour hot/ room-temperature water into the filter bag, then easily make hot black coffee or cold brew coffee wherever which saves time and procedures.


Brewing Method:

Hot Brew

  1. Tear off alone top dotted line and shape the bag wide
  2. Open the spout cap before pouring hot water
  3. Pour 400ml 90°C hot water and close the zipper
  4. Brew for 4 - 8 mins (4 mins = Mild, 8 mins = Strong), then click off the spout cap and serve 2 cups

Cold Brew

  1. Tear off alone top dotted line & shape bag wide
  2. Pour 400ml room-temperature water
Flat in the fridge for 8 - 10 hrs