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>>> Free gifts for purchase over specified amount, while stocks last! <<< Free shipping on orders over $300!

Silver Mona Vineyard Orchid Cold Brew Coffee (10g x 18 Packs)

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Homemade cold brew coffee is easy. By steeping in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours, you will get a smooth and flavorful cold brew coffee!

Due to the unique process of extraction, cold brew coffee produces a chemical profile different from conventional brewing methods. As the temperature of the water is much lower, more time is needed to fully capture the flavor and essence of the coffee. Compared to regular iced coffee, cold brew coffee contains less acidity resulting in a better taste that is easier on the stomach. It also tastes smoother and more full-bodied without being diluted by melting ice.

Home to majestic natural landscape and rich ethnic cultures, the Yunnan Xishuangbanna rainforest biosphere reserve provides the richest biodiversity in China, the perfect location to grow coffee – Catimor AA Anaerobic Natural. Xishuangbanna grows many varieties, including the common Typica and Catimor, plus Yellow Bourbon and Mondo Novo. The coffee farm is at an altitude of 1,300 ~ 1,500 meters, and is a rugged part of this mountainous area, so it is a relatively strenuous process to harvest and produce this coffee.

“Anaerobic”, meaning “the absence of oxygen”, is a process of fermentation used in winemaking. It has recently become more popular among coffee consumers and producers, so much so that World Barista Championship winners in recent years have brought along anaerobic processed coffee beans as their personal choice.

This coffee is grown near the South Island River, and this coffee farm puts a high value on the quality of the coffee beans the produce, strictly controlling the quality of the fresh fruit, and holds itself to high standards as it works to perfect its processing. Over the last 20 years, the area has developed several types of coffee – commercial beans for the more mainstream market, as well as a variety of Yunnan specialty coffee beans, including anaerobic.

The coffee is grown in full sunlight, and farmers pick the whole cherry directly, test the sugar content of the fruit in batches, wash it, and then dry it on racks. The dried cherry is placed in a sealed film bag and fermented in the shade for more than 48 hours (creating the anaerobic affect) before sun drying on a trellis. Only one layer of red fruit is placed on each trellis, and farmers roll the coffee fruit evenly for a period of time and remove the half-ripe fruit. After drying to a specific moisture content, it is then put into a sealed bag to ferment for a few more hours, after which is it washed again, and then placed on the drying scaffolding for the final time, reducing the moisture content to about 13-16% before it is stored for 6-8 weeks before shipping.

Anaerobic processed coffee usually comes with a subtle winey aroma.

Brewing instruction:

1. Put 2 packs in “RIVERS Bearl Tumbler” or other container

2. Add 300mL room temperature water

3. Steep in fridge for 8-12 hours

4. Remove coffee bag and enjoy!