NatVia - Natural Stevia Sweetener (40 x 2g sachets)

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#The best for keto diet #Good for keeping fit #Suitable for diabetic #Made in Australia


There are 7 Key attributes to look for in choosing a natural sweetener:

‧ Non-GMO
‧ Zero sugar
‧ Zero glycemic
‧ No artificial sweetener
‧ Natural and organic
‧ Tooth friendly
‧ Refreshing and sweet like sugar


Natvia is the No.1 brand of natural sweetener in Australia and New Zealand. It is produced by state-of-the-art technology and a unique formula to create a sweetener that is sweet and refreshing like sugar, using extracts from organic stevia. This allows us to enjoy hte sweetness of variety of baking, Chienese and Western cuisines, deserts, hot and cold  drinks whilst still maintaining a healthy diet.