Brewtiful - Berry Blend 200g

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A blend of 3 single-origin coffees, each with unique characteristics offering its role in this espresso blend, which performs a harmonious flavour with winey aroma, distinctive notes of berry, and hazelnut.

To create this blend, the major component of Yunnan AA is processed in Anaerobic Natural, more than 48 hours of sealed fermentation processing brings a beckoning aroma of wine and berry notes. For enriching the coffee structure, the gleeful sweetness and fruitiness are sourced from the natural Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee. Finish with washed Columbia Huila coffee for a fresh and clean mouthfeel.

Origin: Yunnan, Ethiopia, Columbia

Main Species: Catimor, Heirloom, Typica

Tasting Note: Winey, Berry, Hazelnut