AKIRAKOKI USB Portable Coffee Grinder

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AKIRAKOKI USB Portable Coffee Grinder is an automatic coffee bean grinder. The outlook is trendy and tiny. The body material is made of aluminum alloy, so it is lightweight and portable. The grinding core adopts stainless steel precision forged, sharp grinding cores to make the thickness of the coffee grounds more uniform and maintain mellowness. The product is equipped with a coarse scale adjuster, allowing users to adjust the grinding scale according to different brewing methods and requirements. After adjusting and testing, it takes around 1 minute to grind 20g of beans at a time. It saves your time. Also, the operation is simple. When you click start, it will grind the beans automatically.


Charging is very convenient, and the body is equipped with a Type C plug. The battery is a lithium-ion battery, which charges quickly. Moreover, the battery life is high. It can be ground 20-25 times per full charge in about 90 minutes.


  • Colours: Black
  • The set comes with a cleaning espresso grinder brush, a Type-C USB cable, and a small grinder drawstring bag.